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Do I need to use the insurance recommended repair facility?

No, insurance companies can only recommend one of their facilities but legally can no “steer” you to use that shop. You, as a consumer, have the choice as to what shop repairs your car. Any reputable repair facility will offer the same “lifetime warranty” on any repair done.

What if the estimate written by my insurance doesn’t cover all the damage that is found once the car is disassembled?

That is the duty of the experienced team here at ABC Auto Body to be the ones to fully blue print the repair process for each individual repair we do and explain to the insurance company why we need additional items and how much more it will be to get your car back on the road safely.

Can you save my deductible?

Legally we cannot “save” a customer’s deducible but we can assist in the form of a payment plan on larger repairs. If a shop is saving a deductible for you they are not fixing everything they are paid to fix, we here at ABC would not want to compromise the value or integrity of a person’s vehicle.

My insurance company wants to use aftermarket or used parts, are they allowed?

Yes, most insurance companies have fine print written in consumer policies that allow the use of used or aftermarket parts to save them from higher cost on repairs, all insurance guidelines are different in this regard. Here at ABC Auto Body we try to get our OEM vendors to match prices of the used or aftermarket part, certain manufacturers do not do this.

Does my car need to be “scanned” prior to a repair and after?

Most manufacturers have a position statement requiring any time a vehicle built after a specific year is in a collision, no matter how small the repair, the vehicle is scanned for errors, insurance companies feel they are the deciding factor in this aspect and sometimes decline any sort of scan. Here at ABC Auto Body, we scan each and every vehicle based on what the manufacturer recommends even if your insurance does not pay for this scan.